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Margaret Mead

151,000 meals - Snohomish Washington's Fight Against Hunger

FFCC travels to Washington for our 84th Food Packaging Event.

Local cheer squad making a difference!

Meals will benefit 5 local agencies in Snohomish who support families in need.

Meals will benefit children in Tanzania, Africa, as well.

Thank you Dream Dinners, Living The Dream Foundation and Snohomish Community!

You are an inspiration!

You, too, can join our Fight Against Hunger! Sponsor an event, contact Tina Socha (tina.socha@ffccsd.org).

Snohomish Washington's 

Fight Against Hunger

FFCC's Fight Against Hunger expanded to the north...way north! An FFCC team of twelve traveled from San Diego to Snohomish, Washington, a community north of Seattle, to host our 84th Food Packaging Event. FFCC partnered with Dream Dinners Corporation, their franchise owners from all over the country, the Living The Dream Foundation and the Snohomish community to package 151,000 meals for the local community and those in need in Tanzania, Africa.

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Host A Food Drive?

Our FFCC food pantry is running low on non-perishable items. Are you able to host a food drive? If you know a school, church, business, troop, or team that can help with donations, please consider partnering with us as we assist over 500 local families in need each month with food resources. Sign-up now with Becky at ffccsdlocal@gmail.com

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