"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has."

Margaret Mead

A Letter of Gratitude...

Dear Families,

I wanted to share with you how much your generosity is appreciated during the holiday season. As a parent, you want to be able to provide for your child. I can’t tell you how hard it was on my pride to find myself in the situation of struggling just to have basic needs meet. Then you add on holidays and instead of joy, it feels like the breaking point.


My first Christmas after leaving a domestic violence shelter was especially rough. My five-year-old daughter was excited for Santa to come, while I was dreading every moment of that upcoming holiday. I was barely making
enough to afford my rent and childcare. That December, I tried to find a
program that would help but was told I needed to sign up in November. I
couldn’t contemplate how I was going to explain to her that even though she had been good, Santa wasn’t coming to our house. So, on Christmas Eve I desperately went to a drug store and wrote a check for some toys. She was happy with the few simple presents she unwrapped, but to me it felt like I was in a hopeless cycle that was getting worse because that check bounced and I had to pay bank fees.

However, the next Christmas, I signed up for this program. I don’t know if I can truly express the relief I felt… beyond the toys that made my daughter squeal or the useful items given to us, the best gift was a moment to genuinely share the joy and excitement with my child during the holidays. That is what we will cherish forever!


My daughter is twelve now and she was very understanding when I explained it would be a humble Christmas. I just graduated from a university and have been looking for work, so we both agreed to simply enjoy our time together. Still, when she finally saw some presents underneath the tree, her eyes lit up. I’m again humbly grateful to the family that sponsored us. I’m so grateful for every year of your support and the support you give to my neighbors and friends who are also struggling.

While you generously share holiday cheer, expecting nothing in return and only blindly know us as "Girl 10,” "Boy 5,” or "Mom,” you have made a difference in our lives. While you don’t expect it and often we are still too buried in daily struggle to say it, THANK YOU for making the world a little brighter for us! It has taken me a long time to start seeing the surface again and you all inspire me with the hope that someday soon, I will have a chance to pay it forward and sponsor a family for Christmas. That blindly unconditional kindness spreads the warmth of being connected as one greater extended family. May this year next year bring blessings to all the families involved in this wonderful program!

Much love to each of you,


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