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Margaret Mead


1730 West Mission Rd, Escondido, CA 92029, 800-760-4757, www.sksoil.com


SKS has been serving the Southern California market since 1965 by providing fuel and quality lubricants.  Since 2008 SKS has partnered with Friends and Family Community Connection (FFCC) by providing trucks, semi’s and trailers to bring food packing equipment and bulk food items like rice, soy, vege’s and vitamins to the packing event sites.  In addition to providing transportation SKS also provides warehouse space to stage the packaged food that is ready for both local and global distribution but also donations of computers, dental equipment, bicycles, clothing, shoes, etc.  Employees of SKS volunteer their time to assist in the loading of 40’ shipping containers with food and other donations that are then shipped to countries around the world. 

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