"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has."

Margaret Mead

FFCC's Guiding Principles:


We are about the relationship first.

Although projects and accomplishments are important, they are always secondary compared to the relationships we develop with those we interact and work with.


We purpose to make projects self-sustaining. 

Our goal is to be ultimately unnecessary because we have put in place the training, values, and infrastructure that allow those we partner with to provide for themselves.

We have a joyful, hard work ethic.

We love to work hard and we do. No matter what the talent level, physical abilities, or experience of a team members are, we will strive to utilize them to the utmost at all times and to have a terrific time doing work together.

We celebrate accomplishments.

We get things done, and when we do, we reflect and celebrate as a team, together with those we have had the privilege to work with and for.

We are here to serve, not to be served.

It is not about any of us, it is about those we have the wonderful opportunity to work with. Our focus is on those we serve, and never on ourselves.


We are committed to complete what we start.

We don't quit.  The challenges are large, long, and sometimes discouraging, but we don't do things half-way and we don't walk away from commitments.


We dream big.

We want to change the world for the better, and that starts with a big dream, continues with a good plan, and finishes with a strong commitment.

We are family-friendly.

We want everyone to be involved and we purpose to make events fun, accessible, and appropriate for all ages whenever possible.


We make getting involved easy.

We want you to participate as much and as often as you can, so we put extra effort into making communication frequent and participation as seamless and simple as possible.


We are a team of equals.

We concentrate on teamwork, not hierarchy. Every team member is valued and everyone is heard. No-one is on a pedestal.

We educate and empower those we serve so they experience the desire and joy of serving others.

Our greatest accomplishments is instilling in others a culture of humble servanthood and giving.

We are a volunteer organization—donations go to the projects and people we serve, not to administration.

We do not maintain a paid staff.  We want donors to feel assured that their dollars go directly into the work we do and not into overhead costs.

Our direction is determined by Board consensus

We filter all major decisions through a Board of Directors which consists of dedicated and experienced FFCC team members, and we only move forward through a consensus of that Board.


We appreciate the rich diversity of our community and do not require participation in religious activities.

Much of our volunteer base comes from different faith communities, and many participants have no religious affiliation.  FFCC wants all who volunteer and work with us to feel comfortable and unpressured.  All are welcome.
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