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A High School, Vocational School & Hurricane Shelter All-In-One

FFCC's Impact In Haiti Continues



Great progress continues to be made on the construction of the secondary school in Gressier, Haiti.   Despite the recent delays and challenges with weather, country-wide protests, demonstrations and building material shortages, the work presses on.  The completion of the secondary school will allow 240 students to further their education.  

The two-story building will accommodate the secondary school on the first floor and the vocational training center on the top floor.  The overall building will also serve as an evacuation center when the next hurricane impacts Haiti. 

There is still work to be done but FFCC wants to celebrate the progress made thus far.  Based on the availability of funds, we estimate it will take another 7-8 months to complete.  To date, FFCC has raised $90,000 for building materials and labor and $89,000 has been spent.  The design and structural integrity is based on U.S. building standards.  Out next fundraising goal is to raise $75,000 to complete the classrooms, offices and extend the pillars for the second floor.  

Thank you FFCC community for your investment in this needed resource for the children and families of Gressier.  We know the future of Haiti rests in the hearts and minds of this next generation.   If you would like to partner with us and invest in the future of Haiti, please send a check or online donation and designate your gift to "Haiti School".  100% of your donation will go towards the completion of this school. Questions can be directed to Phil Harris at philffcc@san.rr.com. 


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