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FFCC Returns From Tanzania

Making The Most Of Every Opportunity!


FFCC returned from Tanzania last night. A team of 12 made up of 8 university students, a pharmacist, a playground installer, a program coordinator and Phil Harris, the Director of FFCC all did their part to come alongside those in Tanzania who are working to make a difference. Here are some of the ways they were able to contribute.

Did you know that 1 in 1,400 people in Tanzania have Albinism, a frequency more than tenfold the global rate?

Those affected battle unnecessary isolation, abandonment, and violence. FFCC is working to provide help and support. In the past year and a half, FFCC has constructed a Children’s Center in Urambo that includes 96 beds, bathrooms, showers and a beautiful kitchen and dining room. It is a shelter and safe haven for these children. This trip FFCC, in partnership with Kids Around The World, installed two wonderful playground structures and a swing set for the children to enjoy. FFCC also met with government officials to plan a summit on Albinism in January 2018. We will bring together organizations, government agencies and those with a passion to help to put together a strategic plan to address the issues that those with Albinism face.

Did you know that 68 percent of the population of Tanzania lives below the poverty line and approximately 42% of children under the age of five suffer from chronic malnutrition?

Malnutrition affects a child’s physical development and one of those affects is stunting. Tanzania rates third behind Ethiopia and the Democratic Republic of Congo in cases of stunting.

FFCC is fighting hunger in Tanzania. We have delivered almost seven million Fight Against Hunger meals to help these vulnerable populations. This trip, our FFCC team met with the Minister of State, international nutrition experts, and a national farming organization to discuss how we can create a nutritious meal with ingredients grown in-country. These meals would continue to support the most vulnerable as well as provide for school feeding programs.

Did you know that 23 million people in Tanzania have no access to safe water?

FFCC has a water filter project going on in the bush village of Mwanga that could impact up to 5,000 people in over 800 homes with safe water. The FFCC team met with the village leaders and the local technicians who are overseeing the project to assess their progress. They are thrilled with the impact the filters are having and will continue to get them out to families between now and when FFCC returns in January. FFCC will move onto the next village in June 2018. The team also provided 38 filters for Children’s Centers and families in need in Singida Town, another community where FFCC works.

In addition to providing help with these critical issues, FFCC spent time, sharing life’s special moments with our Tanzanian family. We attended a wedding, a confirmation celebration, visited a friend in the hospital, and shared many a meal and meaningful conversation with our friends there. Friends & Family Community Connection – whether here at home or overseas, that continues to be the heart of FFCC – connecting with people. This trip was no exception and as a result this team of 12 came home with very full hearts.

If you want to read more about the teams adventures in Tanzania, you can read the daily updates on FFCC’s Facebook page. If you would like to join FFCC on a future Tanzania trip or get involved with any of these projects, contact Tina Socha at tina.socha@ffccsd.org.


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