"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has."

Margaret Mead

In Loving Memory of

Steven Luther Senge & Muhidini Ames



This past week FFCC lost two dear Tanzanian friends - Steven Luther Senge and Muhidini Ames. Both of them left such a mark on those of us who knew them.  It's hard to imagine Tanzania without them.   The friendships that come from serving together are a gift to so many of us in FFCC. Because FFCC sinks deep roots in the places we are called to, the time we spend with these friends makes them like family.  Such is the case with Steven and Muhidini.   

Steven has been a part of FFCC's work in Tanzania for 14 years. He brought his leadership to so many of our projects - water filter projects, construction, food distribution and more. He knew much about his country and its beauty and was happy to share it with us. But what we loved most about Steven was the way he could make us laugh.  There was always so much laughter when Steve was around.  He protected us, cared for us, and made every FFCC team member, new or old, feel like family.    



Muhidini was short in stature but so BIG in heart. He was a metal fabricator with immense creativity.  If you put Muhidini and Phil in a room with a tablet of paper, the things they would come up with would amaze you. Meaningful things - livelihood projects. Phil would dream it and Muhidini would build it. Muhidini always a focus on the next generation. He was a teacher, a mentor, and a dear friend to so many. 

FFCC would like to honor these men and all that they meant to us. They both leave behind young families who are going to need help and support during this time of grief and transition. If you would would like to honor Steven or Muhidini and their service to FFCC click the donate button and please note "Safari Steve" or "Muhidini" on your donation so we know how to apply the funds.  If you want more information about Steven or Muhidini or FFCC's work in Tanzania, contact Tina Socha at tina.socha@ffccsd.org.

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