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Hurricane Florence Slams the Carolina's

FFCC is Ready to Help.  Join us!

As the impact of Hurricane Florence continues, FFCC is reaching out to help effected communities. Connections have been made in the Beaufort, Newport, and Morehead City areas. The goal is to get families back in their homes and back to work. 

The LaRue family lived in a trailer with their 2 small children, the youngest with severe autism.  As a result of Florence, the trailer is a total loss. In addition to losing their home, they have lost ALL their belongings.  

The Pepperman's could not afford flood insurance due to the skyrocketing prices. Now their home is uninhabitable. They have two children ages 11 and 13.  As they work to clean the marsh mud from their home, they are hoping for help.

Little Gems is a daycare center that many local teachers use for their children.  Due to the damage from the storm, the center is no longer operational leaving teachers with no place to take their children.  

These are just a few of the families and businesses that FFCC has identified that are in need of assistance. FFCC is putting together plans to travel to North Carolina. We have building contractors that are ready to help assess damage and put together a rebuilding/repair plan.  How can you help?

You can donate to the Hurricane Florence Relief Effort by sending your tax-deductible donation to FFCC or by donating online (www.ffccsd.org).  Just be sure to note, "Hurricane Florence" in the memo of your check or in the instruction box online.  100% of your donation will go towards the relief effort. 


12463 Rancho Bernardo Road, PMB #158

San Diego, CA 92128

"Hurricane Florence Relief Effort"

Also, if you have a desire to travel with FFCC to North Carolina to help with the rebuilding effort, contact Phil Harris at philffcc@san.rr.com.   

There will be more details in the upcoming days.  Thank you for the consideration. 

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