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Gratitude From Alvin,Texas

A Letter From Terry & Angela Hooper

Pearland, Texas photo by Dean Digamon"Our heartfelt gratitude goes out to all the members and supporters of Friends & FamilyCommunity Connection. Team members showed up and spoke with my wife after Hurricane Harvey destroyed our home with flood water; we had 15 inches throughout the house. I was at work as she showed them around and spoke with them, explaining that I was previously a contractor and am currently retired military, I was very particular about how thing get completed and that I would probably not agree to have volunteers working on the house. After speaking with them for some time they gave her a business card and said to contact them if we hadn't heard anything from FEMA in a couple weeks. On Friday 13 Oct 2017, she contacted them back; I did the math for the quantity of materials as requested and we passed along that information. Tuesday morning 17 Oct 2017 we were contacted; informing us that they would be making the delivery that afternoon. We were amazed with all they had brought us. Words couldn't do it justice. There are 7 of us in the house, my wife Angela, 19 year old daughter Raven, 15 year old son Dakota, 2.5 year old grandson Jayden (Jayden is autistic), 7 month old granddaughter Nevaeh and 6 month old grandson Dennis. Currently we are all residing in a cabin in our drive way and this single selfless act has gone an extraordinary distance towards getting us back in our home. I did however have to lÄugh when my wife said she had never seen a stack of drywall that large in one place other than at the lumber yard. Thank you all so very much,it truly meant the world to us. God bless."

There are so many more who could use our support! 

Here is how you can continue to help:

  • Travel with FFCC as part of the rebuilding team. Building experience is appreciated but not required. Contact Phil Harris at philffcc@san.rr.com if you are interested. Necessary travel documents.


FFCC Trip Application     Liability Release     Packing List

  • Make financial donations which will be used for building materials and related expenses.

12463 Rancho Bernardo Road, PMB #158
San Diego, CA 92128

Note - "Hurricane Harvey Relief" in the memo section of check

Online donations: 
  Note - "Hurricane Harvey Relief" in the special instruction box
  with online donations.

Purchase Gift Cards to Home Depot and/or Walmart.  They can be sent to the address above or dropped off at the Dream Dinners in Poway.

Dream Dinners

12218 Poway Road, Suite 100

Poway, CA 92064

For additional information on FFCC's Hurricane Harvey relief contact Phil Harris at philffcc@san.rr.com.  We will continue to keep you updated as FFCC navigates this season of disasters and how we can help.  Thank you for ALL your support!

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