"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has."

Margaret Mead

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Phase 1: Student Education and Career Development



Phase 1 of the Ayiti Academy is a three month course which focuses on Character Development, Life Skills, career Assessment, and Community Outreach. These courses are taught by a team  of local educators of law, history, English, and health.


The course is taught 2 hours per day, 4 days a week, for a total of 48 classes during the three month period. The course is divided into six categories:

POVERTY – A number of documentaries are watched in class. The root causes of poverty as well as the different types of poverty both personal and collective are learned and discussed.

HOME – The responsibility to care for ones own environment. The students learn how eco systems function together and about
economic development with nature.

SELECTIVE CONSUMPTION – Students learn how to select products that will positively impact their local economy, an organized
system of promoting local production and empowering Haitian businesses.

COMMUNITY ORGANIZING – Students understand the dynamics of community strength and how much together, much can be accomplished. Students participate in two community outreach projects a month.

TEAM BUILDING – Students address the 5 dysfunctions of a team and learn the principles of teamwork.

CONFLICT RESOLUTION – Students learn to develop the abilities to deal with and handle difficult situations between people.


There are 345 possible points achievable during the three month course. A student must earn a minimum of 75 points each month to proceed to the following month with a total of 225 points minimum to pass the three month course.


The grading system is broken down as follows:


ATTENDANCE AND PUNTCUALITY- The student must be present for the entire class. If a student misses more than 3 days in a month, they are disqualified from the program.

15ATTITUDE- The student must posses a willingness to learn and a good attitude about the challenges faced and the opportunities presented in the course.
15CLASS PARTICIPATION- The student must interact in class discussions, complete in-class assignments with quality results.
60HOMEWORK- Two assignments worth 20 points each are given each month.
60TESTS- Two tests/quizzes are administered each month to monitor students progress and understanding of the subject matter.
90EXAMS- A two hour exam is administered at the end of each month.

FIELD EXAMS- One exam is administered each month during community outreach.  The students are evaluated on their ability to work together and to serve others.


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Phase 2- University or Trade School


Phase 2 of the Academy program occurs once a student is matched with a sponsor. It is at this point that the student begins University or Trade School training for their desired field of study. Each student is sponsored for a year of study. The contracts are renewed between the student and sponsor on an annual basis. During this phase, FFCC receives monthly evaluations on the student’s progress. Also during this phase, job placement begins for the prospective graduate. Upon graduation from University or Trade School, the student enters Phase 3. Back to top


Phase 3- Internship



Phase 3 of the Academy program occurs upon the student’s graduation from University or Trade School and upon a renewed contract between the student and sponsor. The sponsor agrees to pay the students salary during a 3 month internship with a prospective employer. Just as in all phases of the Academy program, FFCC receives monthly evaluations of the student’s progress. This phase also includes clear expectations of the employer to the intern. The employer is required to provide a clear
understanding of monthly progress reports, communication of job responsibilities, hiring criteria, and a guarantee of job placement for a 12 month period. Back to top


Phase 4- Employment


Phase 4 of the Academy program begins upon the student’s employment. The student begins to pay 10% of their first year’s salary back to the Academy program for future students. This agreement is reached at the beginning of the Ayiti Academy program and is a way for the student to provide additional opportunities for upcoming generations of Academy students.



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