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The following students are being sponsored by families and individuals just like you.  Thank you to the many of you that are making the dreams of these students come true.



Mackenson Frandy DeJuste: Diplomacy

Mackenson's dream - "I would like to study Diplomacy because I would love to support my country in developing a good relationship with the international community. I believe that this relationship with the international community will help the people of my country." 
Casimir Ifomene: Medical School
Casimir's dream - "I would like to study medicine and become a doctor because in the area that I love there is no hospital and it is difficult for local people to find healthcare.  I would love to use my education to take care of the less fortunate people in my community." 
Remy Jean Whistler: Education Science
Whistler's dream - "I would like to study Education Science to help people to have an education so the community and Haiti can change for the better.  I will use my skills to help other people in the community so they can change their life mentally and psychologically." 



Franclear Jules: Doctor

"My dream is to become a doctor. Becoming a doctor will mean a lot to me because many in my family have dealt with heart conditions and finding a doctor to help has been difficult. I want to become a doctor to help as many people as I can, especially people in my country who can not afford to see a doctor like my family."



Segui Julihomme: Lawyer

Segui's dream- "My dream is to be a lawyer and learn how to express myself better so I can also be a preacher.  As a Christian, it is hard to see people who cannot get justice.  I want to serve those who cannot afford a lawyer so their voice can be heard."



Joanis Linkenton: Civil Engineer

"My dream is to become a civil engineer. Being raised in a shanty town, it breaks my heart to see people living in these conditions. I want to become an engineer so I can help people live in better conditions. Also to help my family, my country and myself."




Stephanie Juste: Accounting

"It has always been my dream to be an expert in accounting but because of my mother's financial hardship my dream has always seems impossible. I want to excel in accounting so I can have a great job or have my own firm. This will allow me to help my country, my family and myself."



Sadrack Merena: Management

"My dream is to become a manager. Enterprise generates employment and employment creates wealth. I want to make people understand that they can not only find a job, but that they can create their own. I think this will help people in my country change their lives. I want to be the person that can help others to do what is right."



Daphney Simon: World Economics 

"My goal is to study World Economics.  I worked at my school through the summers so that I could afford to finish high school.  I am so anxious to move onto college so I can become a great economist in the world!  I want to be able to help my country and most importantly give my mom a better life. I really appreciate the things she has done for me and my siblings."  





David Adolphe: Civil Engineer

David's dream- "My dream is to be a civil engineer.  I want to be the best so I can help my country and my family." 





 Eugena Anis- Nurse

Eugina's Dream- "My dream is to be a great nurse. I have seen nurses neglect the poor patient and treat the wealthy with favor. When I become a nurse, I will not let money decide how I treat the ill.  Money will not make me allow someone to die. To help my country, I will treat all patients equally."



Kerby Bien-Aime': Nurse

Kerby's dream- "My dream is to be a nurse because when I was a child I used to go to the hospital and I saw the way the nurses cared for people. That has made me love to be one of the persons to treat people like this.  My heart is for nursing and to take care of the people who are not well taken care of."



D'Haiti Maude - Nurse 

D'haiti's dream- "I love the medical work. I want to help people. I want to learn so that I can help my family, my community and my country."






Nathalie Dantil: Nursing

Nathalie's Dream- "I want to become a nurse because I want to help my people. I want to thank you for helping me!"





Sandra David: Nursing

Sandra's Dream- "I love nursing and I want to help my country.  Thank you for your support."






 Chrislene Dorgeron: Nursing

Chrislene's Dream- "I've always dreamed to be a nurse. I had no possibility to accomplish my dream on my own.  If you choose to invest it will be a good choice. It's my dream to protect life and help people in need. Thanks in advance for choosing me. You are not just supporting me, you are helping a nation." 




Fredrique Juste- Civil Engineering

Fredrique's Dream- "My dream is to become a civil engineer so that I can better my country by providing a greater infrastructure that will lead to improvements in  everyday life such as providing good roads and safe buildings for the people here."







Lorette Nichols- Nursing

Lorette's Dream- "Thank you for the opportunity that you provide for me and others to go to nursing school. I want to be a nurse because I want to help others in my community.  Thank you so much."




Sarah Raymond- Nursing

Sarah's Dream- "I would like to do something good for my community and society.  I like to help others. Thank you for helping Haiti and thank you for your support of my education."





Appolon Reginald- Business Management

Appolon's Dream- "I would like to create a better and safer business environment so that the Haitian people can support their families and our country can know prosperity."





Cholomy Saint Jean- Economics

Cholomy's Dream- "My dream is to become a great Economist. I think that our country needs some new leaders to help control it's economy.  I have observed that many people leave the country to study abroad but they never come back to work for Haiti's change.  I want to participate in creating a good climate for them to come back. I would also like to use my knowledge to help bring changes in my country.  In a nutshell, I want to be a great leader."



Wichdy Valmond- Plumbing

Wichdy's Dream- "I want to participate in the rebuilding of Haiti.  My home didn't have plumbing so I want to improve that for my family.  I want to help people and provide good sanitation and help people live healthy."




Renette Charles: Business Management

Renette's Dream- "I would like to go to school to be a part of my generation that is working very hard to change the educational system in Haiti and to be a part of those who will run the country successfully.  Also my goal is to help in the immigration system of Haiti."





Woodle'ne Dominque- Hospitality

Woodlene's dream-

"I want to be a good nurse and help my country and my people. I want to travel abroad and help others achieve good health to give back."



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