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Fight Against Hunger- Haiti


Stars denote FFCC's 'Fight Against Hunger' meal distribution points.


Why Haiti?

Haiti is fighting to recover from the earthquake that devastated its country back in 2010. Even before the earthquake, the Haitian people struggled to provide basic needs for their families. Haiti is listed as one of the most impoverished countries in the world. Eighty percent of its population lives under the poverty level. There is an unemployment rate of seventy-five percent and almost half of the population is illiterate. Such challenges, this country is up against!


FFCC's Fight Against Hunger:

FFCC, through community supported food packaging events, provides healthy nutritious non-perishable meals to orphaned and abandoned children and to help supplement those in areas of Haiti where they are desperate for food while we look to support them in finding more sustainable options.

We are working with both local and national leaders in Haiti as well as experts from here in the states to address these complicated issues.


How to get Involved?

You can sponsor a community food packaging event or travel with us and help distribute the meals. Or if you have expertise in addressing nutritious sustainable food sources for the families in Haiti, contact us.


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