"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has."

Margaret Mead

India- September 2013


FFCC traveled to northeast India to the city of Siliguri and Nagrakatha, West Bengal on invitation of the District Officer of Child Welfare. They were so impressed by the resources FFCC has provided to Africa, the Caribbean, South and Central America, Japan and Afghanistan. The Government shared the incredible need for food and safe water in the tea gardens and directed FFCC to meet with the Sub-Division Officer in Malbazar and a member of the Legislative Committee in Matelli, Jalpaiguri. They were so grateful for our visit and committed to help FFCC in every way possible. 

Here are the main points FFCC requested from the government:

    • Exempting our shipping container from port fees and taxes.
    • Prioritizing and expediting our containers through port.
    • Providing ground transportation to the future food distribution points and warehouses to store and distribute the goods.



The Legislative Committee Member met with the President of India on September 24th to present our request.  FFCC is waiting for a response. The government official was very optimistic that all will be granted because the need is so large. FFCC has teamed up with a local non-profit organization in Siliguri who FFCC has been working with for years. To date, FFCC has provided small amounts of food and water filters. This non-profit organization will assist and oversee future distributions once the logistics are worked out.

FFCC is excited about this opportunity to provide resources to the thousands in need, working together with government and community leaders in India.  Many more steps need to be taken before we are ready to ship our food and water filters, but the most difficult step is always the first.  FFCC spent time visiting a couple of different tea
gardens and saw first-hand the need for food and safe water. We will keep you informed on the progress being made, but get your bags ready for future trips to India!

If you have a desire to work with FFCC in India, please email Phil at philffcc@san.rr.com. We will set up an informational meeting to begin planning and working together. What amazing people and so welcoming to FFCC.

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