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Ways to help those in the Philippines:

Donate towards a food packaging event- 25 cents a meal

Donate $75 towards a water filter

Donate towards our Livelihood Projects:

Tailoring Program

  • Basic Sewing Machine $210
  • Hi-Speed Sewing Machine $560
  • Fabric $100   
  • Sewing Notions $75


In support of the single moms and widows in the community of Tanauan, FFCC is beginning a tailoring program to teach these women how to sew as a means to support their families.


Fisherman's Boat Bundle ($1,000):

  • Boat & Oar ($400)
  • Boat Motor ($250)
  • Gas Tank ($75)
  • Fishing Net & accessories ($275)


Each boat will accommodate two fisherman and provide for two families.  Each fisherman will agree to also provide food for two single moms and their family for as long as they have the boat. 

Filipino Government agreed to waive tax & licensing fees to fisherman for one year.

Travel with us to the Philippines

September 2015

For more information on ways to help:

Contact Phil Harris,

Director of FFCC


(858) 204-9643

Tina Socha




Philippines -

(since 2013)












FFCC first landed in the Philippine Islands in November 2013 in an area that had just been decimated by Typhoon Yolanda on the heels of a 7.2 earthquake that struck in October 2013. FFCC has since returned with two more teams (Dec 2013 & April 2014) to continue our support of the recovery effort. We are assembling team number four which will head to the Philippines in September 2014.


The November 2013 team saw incredible devastation. It looked much like Biloxi did when we first arrived there after Hurricane Katrina.  There were so many hurting people.  People who were in desperate need of basic necessities- food, safe water, and shelter. In response, FFCC has hosted several food packaging events since the disaster. We have sent 600,000 ‘Fight Against Hunger’ meals to help with the immediate need for food.


The first team presented our Point One micron water filters to twelve medical directors representing different hospitals in Bohol.  They installed water filters at two of the hospitals that were most severely impacted by the quake. The December team completed the task
of installing water filters in the other ten hospitals.  These facilities which provide critical care to the Filipino people can now have confidence that their water is safe. The people are amazing and so thankful for the support. But there are so many families who sit on the side of the road hoping for someone to stop and help. So much more help is needed
. Our April team met with a hospital director, Mayor and the Governor to access how the water filters were helping and to hear how their recovery efforts from the October earthquake are continuing.  Our Filipino water filter team continues to provide filters for families who need them and rebuilding efforts continue.


Tacloban, Leyte Island 


In Tacloban the devastation in November was indescribable. We saw city blocks laid flat and neighborhoods washed away.  Over 2000 were killed.  Huge ships were washed on shore wiping out everything in their path.  These ships had been anchored over a mile out to sea and the storm surge carried them 2 -3 football fields onto the land.  By December, much of the debris that filled the roads in November had been removed so more roads were open but the massive debris fields still looked untouched.  Bodies were still being uncovered and the amount of destruction was still indescribable. The hard rains continue this time of year and it’s sad to see the terror in the children’s eyes for fear of another typhoon.


Our April team spent time in Tacloban and the surrounding communities working with Hope Worldwide, a partnering organization, providing support to the children and their families impacted by the storm.  The children are receiving our 'Fight Against Hunger' meals each day. Relief packages were distributed to the communities and we met with local leaders to access their rebuilding plans. Relocation neighborhoods are beginning to sprout up providing much needed housing for so many families.


In Dec. the doors opened for FFCC in the communities in Bohol & Leyte to begin to help rebuild.  How? By providing the means for them to get back to work. A plan is being implemented to help fishermen return to the sea where they make their livelihood.  A $1,000 donation will provide a boat, motor, gas tank & necessary fishing nets and accessories for two fishermen. Another aspect to this plan is that these fishermen must agree to help provide for the women who were widowed by this terrible storm.  The team met a widow who told us that her husband had been helping protect the children when a huge wave swept him out of the house. She shared her story with us in tears not knowing how she was going to care for her four children.  When we told her how the fishermen were going to share their catch with her, she cried even harder. 


The first fishermen started back to work on February 8th

On Feb 8, the first set of 5 boats, 7.5 HP engines, nets, weights, rope and other fishing supplies will be delivered to five fishermen selected when FFCC was in Tacloban last December.  The tensions are high among the families throughout the area who are still digging out from the destruction from Typhoon Yolanda, and trying to rebuild their homes and businesses.  The knowledge that FFCC will be providing these tools to assist these families brings great hope to the area.  The widows whose husbands were killed are so grateful for the program and the support provided by FFCC.

FFCC has a Filipino team on the ground to monitor and send updates on the success of the program.  Our April team delivered resources for another 16 boats.  This puts another 32 fishermen back to work. This project will have a huge impact that will continue to make a difference for generations to come.  The April team also met with the Municipal Director of Agriculture and the Mayor of Tanauan to discuss how FFCC can help the local farmers.  Many lost the necessary equipment (hand tractors and threshers) to effectively plant and harvest their crops.  If you are interested in providing support for these farmers, contact Phil Harris at philffcc@san.rr.com.



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