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Children's Community Center


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The Children's Community Center was built not only for the purpose of providing a meal for hungry street children but to also offer them a chance for a better future through education.  Government schools like private schools are not free in Tanzania.  There are tuition fees, uniform fees & book fees. For many families supporting their children's education is a struggle but for kids with no parents it is impossible.

In 2008, the Center was constructed and to date serves approximately 800 children each day. In partnership with the local government, FFCC provides the Fight Against Hunger meals that feed these children each day and the government is responsible for the necessary uniforms and school fees. This allows the kids an education and therefore hope for a brighter future.  Basic medical care is also available. Because the financial burden of food, education & medical care is taken care of for these children, extended family members are often able to take these kids into their homes giving them the love & shelter they wouldn't otherwise be able to provide.

There was an occasion where an FFCC team was able to tour one of the nearby primary schools.  On display in the hallway outside the headmasters office were the national exam scores for each school year.  As you followed the trail of tests, there was a point when the scores suddenly improved.  When asked what happened to increase the scores so dramatically, the headmaster replied, 'That's when your food showed up.'

How can you get involved in supporting our efforts to help these young people with their education?

Students need basic school supplies:

  • pens
  • pencils
  • erasers
  • text books (TZ curriculum) - $25 donation provides a full set of necessary books for a child
  • uniforms- the local government is responsible for providing the students with a uniform but

    sometimes a uniform gets damaged or lost or it becomes too small and so having a supply that      the Children's Center staff can provide for the children when necessary is very helpful. Cost of      a uniform is $25.

This model has been so successful in Singida Town that the Governor of another region in Tanzania has requested FFCC to come and build another Children's Center in the Simiyu Region.  We hope to break ground for this new Center in the town of Bariadi in the near future.  For ways you can support this new effort in Bariadi or help to continue the success of the Singida Town Center, contact Phil Harris (philffcc@san.rr.com) or Tina Socha (tina.socha@ffccsd.org).




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