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Margaret Mead

Tanzania Computer Labs & Internet Cafes



FFCC is committed to supporting education in Tanzania on several fronts.  One key area is computer training.  We are working to provide needed computers, as well as, developing the education and training required to help students and adults become proficient in using them.

The demand for computes in Tanzania is great. Thus far, we have installed fifteen computers at Gunda Secondary School and twelve computers at Nkungi Primary School. Both schools are located in Nkungi Village in the bush of Central Tanzania. The cost for these computers has been supported by the Escondido Hidden Valley Kiwanis.

Presently, Dave Geary, owner of Dave is in possession of forty computers that were donated for Tanzania. These computers need new hard drives, memory and operating systems. The cost to upgrade each computer is $400.

FFCC's plans in Tanzania include building an Internet Café with computers and printers.  This will not only create jobs for people who will run the Café but also for those who learn to fix the computers. The proceeds from the Café will support the Children's Community Center in Singida Town.  This Center provides a hot nutritious meal to hundreds of children each day.

Computers will also go to the schools. Our goal is to place two-dozen computers in classrooms early next year.  We are also planning to build a new computer class at Asanja Primary School and provide it with the necessary computers.

If you, your family or friends would like to adopt the cost of a computer, at $400, click 'donate' below or send your contribution to FFCC. Make sure to note 'TZ Computer Project' on the check or in special instruction box on the Paypal page.

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