"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has."

Margaret Mead

Gunda Secondary School

Secondary School is a high school in the bush village of Nkungi, Tanzania. It was built in 2005, the vision of Pastor Zephaniah Gunda, whose passion is education.

Gunda Secondary School provides education for approximately 700 students, many who must move from their villages and families to live on their own in order to attend a secondary school. Gunda  The school also lacks adequate science and technology facilities to provide a relevant and up-to-date education.

Among the projects of FFCC at Gunda Secondary School are:   


Maintaining the girl's dormitory, build by FFCC in 2009 to provide safe student housing for 96 girls.



Building and providing housing for teachers as an incentive to recruit teachers to the village




Provide and maintain a  computer lab for students




Girls Dormitory

In January 2009, in response to the need for safe student housing, FFCC began the process of building a girls dormitory. Many students need to live away from home in order to attend secondary school (high school). In the midst of beginning this project, FFCC learned of the deplorable and unsafe living conditions some of the girls were currently living. The need for the dorm to be built became more urgent than first thought and motivated FFCC to complete the dormitory as soon as possible. As a result, the dormitory was completed and dedicated in June 2009. 

The dormitory houses 96 girls, and a matron who oversees the daily operations and care of the girls. The dormitory also has a large bathroom with several toilets, showers and sinks, which the girls are responsible for cleaning on a daily basis. A water filter is also
provided so the girls have safe water to drink.  

Here are some ways you can support this project:

Donate funds to provide maintenance and repairs to the dormitory, including cleaning and other supplies

Make or provide materials to make quilts for the girls’ bunk beds


Teacher's Housing

There is a huge shortage of teachers in the entire country of Tanzania, not just at Gunda Secondary School in the village of Nkungi. However, recruiting teachers to a bush village like Nkungi can be difficult due to its location and environment. Working and living in a village can feel isolating and deter some teachers from taking a teaching assignment in a
village, in favor of a bigger town or city where there are more opportunities for a social life and reliable transportation exists. In addition, teaching conditions at Gunda Secondary School are overwhelming and stressful—almost impossible—when the teacher-to-student ratio is 1:70.

To that end, FFCC is committed to providing housing for teachers as one incentive to draw teachers to Gunda Secondary School. FFCC provides funds for building materials and volunteers to build the homes who also work side-by-side with people of the village and the students themselves. Providing housing, and a bike for transportation, reduces the living expenses and allows a bit of freedom to move around for these teachers. If more teachers come to the village to teach, the students will have a significantly better
education and therefore a brighter future.

If you would like to participate in this effort by providing funds for building materials or a bike

Computer Lab

In 2009, FFCC received a donation of 10 Dell computers to create a computer lab at
Gunda Secondary School, the first of its kind in the village of Nkungi. The computer lab provides an opportunity for students to learn basic computer skills and current technology to enhance their education. To have proficient computer skills is absolutely necessary in today’s world. If the students of Gunda School are to have hope for their future, they must have the equipment and skills to do well in school.

Gunda Secondary School now has a designated teacher to run the computer lab and teach the class, no small task for one teacher with 700 students! FFCC is committed
to supporting this teacher and the students by providing training and tech support, and maintenance and repair of the computers.

If you would like more information on how you can help support the computer lab
and the staff and students at Gunda Secondary School, please contact Phil Harris at philffcc@san.rr.com.


The need for adequate education in Tanzania is enormous. Consider partnering with
FFCC in supporting Gunda Secondary School to provide a better education and a
future for these students. The future of Tanzania depends on them.


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