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Nkungi Primary School


Education in the rural villages of Tanzania comes with many challenges. Lack of resources, over crowded classrooms and too few teachers are a few of the issues.

Nkungi Primary School is one such school. Located in a small farming village, the school has approximately 1200 students with grades ranging from Primary 1 to Standard 7. With a student to teacher ratio of 70:1, the children struggle to learn.

Here are some ways FFCC is working to support these children and their hope for a good education. Join us!

FFCC, with a commitment from the District Educational Office (DEO) and support from the village and local government, is building teacher's houses. For every house built the DEO will provide four teachers to the school. Together, it is our goal to have a teacher for 40 students.  Letter from benefitting teacher

A set of textbooks for a child costs $25.

A school uniform also costs $25.

Basic school supplies such as pencils, erasers & composition books are always needed.                                


In February, 2013, FFCC partnered with Kids Around the World to install a playground for the children of Nkungi Primary School and the surrounding village. The children had never seen such a structure but caught on quick and have loved playing on it.





 A letter to FFCC from the Head Master of the Nkungi Primary School

To: Philip Harris, President FFCC

It is my hope that you and your family are fine. I and my family are fine.

We are doing well in our school.

I would like to take this opportunity to inform you that after having the modern playground in our school the number of pupils who attend school is increasing day after day. Therefore academically our school pupils can succeed very well. Thanks for your contribution. Also the number of pupils who are asking for transfer in order to join our school is increasing compared to the number of pupils who asking for transfer to other schools.

Also I would like to inform you that computers room will be ready for computers very soon. We shall make wiring in the room and in few days to come we expect to ask support from parents in order to buy tables to be used in the computers room.

I shall send to you the list of necessary books on Saturday this week. I have attached the pictures of the new house which we are building. You can see the stage which the building is. Then you can give us your advice. We expect to continue building the wall after one week.

Send my greetings to your family and the members of Friends and Family Community Connection.

Asante sana.


Nkungi Primary School, Head Master


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