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Margaret Mead


Charity Relief for the Destitute from Leprosy in the Community


Chardeleco is a community of adults and children impacted by the devastating effects of leprosy in Tanzania, Africa.  Leprosy is a disease the attacks the skin and destroys.  Chardeleco is the second largest leprosy colony in the world.  Since 2007 FFCC has been partnering and serving the people of Chardeleco.  Here are some of the different ways we’ve been able to help.


Food Distribution Program- FFCC has packaged, shipped and distributed 1000's of our "Fight Against Hunger" meals assembled in San Diego.  For the first few years this was the primary food source for this community. 


Tractor, Trailer and Plow Project-FFCC designed and built a 30' taxi trailer and shipped it to Tanzania. This trailer provides transportation for the lepers since walking is difficult and for many it’s almost impossible to get around. This taxi trailer allows the leper community to go to church, to the market and to be a part of the larger community of Nkungi Village. The trailer can also be rented by other groups in the area and provides a source of income for the Chardeleco community.  The tractor is used to pull the trailer and to plow the fields of the lepers.  Without the tractor it would be impossible for the lepers to grow their own food source. But with the tractor & plow, less and less food is required from FFCC therefore the packaged meals can be reallocated to other needs throughout Tanzania.  The tractor and plow can also be rented by local farmers.  These assets provide a great resource to the region and another source of income to Chardeleco .  This project has been incredibly successful in moving the people of Chardeleco from isolation back into community. It has also created an economic engine that has lessened the dependence on FFCC.   The people of Chardeleco are enjoying the dignity of providing for themselves and caring for others.  The Chairman of Chardeleco stated "now the weak are caring for the strong"


School supplies for the children at Chardeleco School. 


Water filter systems- Read about our water filters.


Modified hand tools that are tailored and made available to the community.

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