"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has."

Margaret Mead

See FFCC's newest Fight Against Hunger video produced by the Marketing students of Snohomish High School.  The video features their May event where students packaged 150,000 meals!  Great job students!

2017 Food Packaging Event Calendar

When available, a link to the online registration system for food packaging events will be posted here.

Are you interested in volunteering with FFCC's Fight Against Hunger effort? We are currently looking to expand our leadership team.





For more information, contact either,


 Phil Harris, Director


 (858) 204-9643


Tina Socha, Coordinator


Changing The World: Friends & Family Community Connection. The story of our Fight Against Hunger and our recent effort to help Haiti in the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew.

Food Packaging Events


Fighting hunger both here in San Diego County and across the world is a major priority of FFCC.  Our community volunteers and contributors have purchased, packaged and shipped millions of meals all over the world as well as provided for local families in need. 


FFCC Fight Against Hunger Meal Distribution (updated 09/2017)


 Local & National Distribution

 1.4 million meals
 Tanzania Distribution  6.9 million meals


ti Distribution

 4.2 million meals
 Myanmar Distribution  300,000 meals
 Honduras Distribution  158,000 meals
 Mexico Distribution  1.5 million meals
 Philippines Distribution  600,000 meals
 Other Countries  670,000 meals 


Recipe Reverses Effects of Starvation!

Unlike much of the food distributed to the hungry in third world countries, Fight Against Hunger meals assembled by FFCC actually work to reverse the effects of starvation.  The secret is a revolutionary food package that has been developed by some of the world's leading food scientists at Cargill, Pillsbury, General Mills and ADM. This one package provides six nutritionally-complete servings to feed starving children around the world as well as the hungry here at home- and all this for pennies a day.


Interested In Donating Or Sponsoring An Event?

Food packaging events are held as often as funds are raised to support an event.  The cost of one meal is 25 cents and covers the cost of the rice, protein, vitamins and vegetables as well as the cost to ship & track the food to its final destination.  Shipping costs can vary depending on where the food is being sent.  Donations toward a future event are always welcome just click on our donate button and designate your contribution to 'food packaging'.  FFCC looks forward to the day when we will be packaging meals every weekend, including the international destinations where we serve.

To volunteer at our public food packaging events, you can sign up by going to our online registration site and sign up for a 1-2 hour time slot.  We also welcome those who are interested in providing leadership at our events.  You will find both the calendar of  our 2017 scheduled events and the link to our registration site when registration is open, in the left column of this page.


FFCC is committed to providing nutritious meals to vulnerable populations around the world. Our efforts support local agriculture projects as well as supplemental emergency relief



Snohomish High School's Fight Against Hunger Event, May 2017.  The students packaged 150,000 meals for their local community and for those in need in Haiti. The Advanced Marketing students of SHS created this video. 

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FFCC Fight Against Hunger Food Packaging Event Schedule:








Number of








Reotemp Instruments

(private event)


27,000 meals


San Diego, CA





Tarbut V'Torah

(private event)


60,000 meals


Irvine, CA





Rancho Bernardo Community Presbyterian Church (RBCPC)

(public event)


100,000 meals


San Diego, CA

118 03/25/2017

Sacred Heart Catholic Church

(private event)

50,000 meals Coronado, CA
119 04/22/2017 Sabin Children's Foundation 40,000 meals San Diego, CA
120 04/30/2017

Rancho Bernardo High School

(private event)

40,000 meals San Diego, CA
121 05/10/2017

Snohomish High School

(private event)

150,000 meals


Snohomish, WA

122 05/13/2017 Fortitude Educational Foundation 20,000 meals Santee, CA
123 05/20/2017


(private event)

50,000 meals

San Diego, CA

124 05/24/2017

Avoya Travel

(private event)

70,000 meals


San Diego, CA

125 06/03/2017

St Brigid's Catholic Church

(public event)

57,600 meals San Diego, CA
126 06/29/2017

Grace Point Church, VBS

(private event)

16,000 meals San Diego, CA




Hunter Industries

(private event)

300,000 meals San Marcos, CA




Dream Dinners

(public event)

50,000 meals Wheat Ridge, CO
129 09/07/2017

Corporate Sysco

(private event)

40,000 meals Houston, TX




Dream Dinners

(public event)

60,000 meals Pearland, TX




Dream Dinners

(public event)

45,000 meals Tustin, CA
132 10/08/2017

St James / St Leo's Catholic Church

60,000 meals Solana Beach, CA
133 10/15/2017

National Charity League

(private event)

40,000 meals San Diego, CA
134 11/10/2017

St. Barts Episcopal Church

80,000 meals San Diego, CA
135 11/12/2017

Cornerstone Church

(public event)

50,000 meals Poway, CA
136 11/17/2017

Santa Fe Christian School

(private event)

50,000 meals Solana Beach, CA

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