What contaminants do the filters remove from the water?


The Sawyer water filters installed by FFCC remove 99.99% of all bacteria such as E. coli and those bacteria which cause cholera and typhoid, as well as the protozoa responsible for amoebic dysentery and giardia. These microorganisms are responsible for the majority of waterborne diseases world-wide and are the main
concern with safe drinking water in Tanzania and Haiti. 



Who installs the filters and how do you know they are being used properly once installed?


Local villagers along with FFCC teams from the United States install the filters. The
installation includes hands-on training for the filter recipient in the proper use and care of the filter.   FFCC volunteers also conduct follow-up visits to review usage practices and collect information about filter effectiveness.


What makes this filter more practical than others for Haiti and Tanzania?


This low cost filter is very simple to use, requires minimal maintenance and will last a lifetime with proper care. Gravity is used to run water through the filter into any clean container available in country. The filter has no parts to replace and only requires back flushing with clean water to keep it in proper working condition. 


What does it cost to donate a filter?


The cost of a donated filter is $75. This covers the filter kit, silicone seal and buckets where needed, spare parts (syringes for back-flushing, hooks, fill tubes) along with the costs associated with shipping and in-country transportation to get the filters to the villages in need. Each filter kit contains the filter, tubing and all fittings needed for installation. The filter can last a lifetime with minimal care.


Why are these filters needed in Haiti and Tanzania?


There are 1.6 million people that die each year due to unsafe drinking water. The areas in which FFCC works have contaminated water sources mainly due to lack of a sanitation infrastructure and/or prolonged agricultural land use. Water borne illnesses such as Typhoid and Cholera are debilitating to the health and prosperity of individuals and the community.  Hospitals and clinics in both Haiti and Tanzania have seen a significant reduction of water borne illnesses since FFCC began installing the water filters. 


When can I expect my donated filter to reach a family in need?


Filter installation is on-going in both Haiti and Tanzania by trained local villagers. In
addition, FFCC installation teams from the United States travel to Haiti several times per year and to Tanzania twice a year to support existing efforts. FFCC consolidates shipments of filters along with packaged food and other aid items to minimize shipping costs to both countries. Frequency of shipping depends on the quantity of donated items ready to be shipped.