Give the Gift of Safe Drinking Water!


 FFCC is partnering with Sawyer Water Filtration
and Purification ( who developed the PointONE Filter that can easily and effectively purify water for pennies a day. FFCC is taking these water filter kits to places where people are sick and dying from contaminated water. We have made significant contributions in Haiti and Tanzania, Africa.

We are raising funds to purchase these micron water systems for just $75 each. Each kit provides a 0.1 micron absolute filter, tubing, fittings, to process 5 gallons of water in just 10-15 minutes. These systems are self-sustainable and incredibly dependable! 

FFCC Donors are Saving Lives!

FFCC has been diligently working to bring water filtration systems to those who suffer from water-borne diseases, like Cholera, Typhoid, and Salmonella. For example, for the Nkungi Village Safe Water ProjectFFCC raised $90,000 for the filters needed to protect the 6,000 villagers (1124 homes). Since then, FFCC has had projects in Kiomboi, Mwando, Nkalakala, and currently in Mwanga. Another 600 filters are being distributed in this village and the people are being educated and  trained so their families will also be protected.


How can you help? Donating $75 today will begin saving even more lives! If donating online, please enter "Safe Water" in the special instructions, so we know where to direct your donation. Click here if you would like to give the gift of safe water today! You can also purchase a filtration system for your own family's emergency preparedness!

For more information, email us at