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Letter from Nkungi Primary School teacher


Hi FFCC team,


I am very happy to take this opportunity to write to you in order to say thanks for building houses in our school. On behalf my fellow teachers I would like to inform you that we are living in very nice houses now with enough spaces. We live peacefully because the houses have big rooms. Generally we say thank you very much because we now live in school compound and we live free without any  house rent and this help us to be prepared very well before entering the classes. Also we are comfortable to do our work.

Welcome again in Tanzania and God bless you all in your daily activities. Say hallow to your families and your friends. I have attached our pictures and pupils' pictures to show how happy we are after the completion of two teachers' houses at our school.


Thanks for you support,


Sophia Francis Uliza. 

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Sophia Uliza

Teacher at Nkungi Primary School


Teacher's House built by FFCC for Sophia and other teachers at Nkungi Primary School, Tanzania


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