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Spectrum is a global company with corporate headquarters in Rancho Dominguez, California and manufacturing facilities in Rancho Dominguez, CA, Houston, TX, Dallas, TX, and Worcester, MA. We have sales offices across the United States and internationally throughout Europe, China, Japan, and India.

Since 1970, Spectrum Laboratories has developed and manufactured innovative products for bio-separations and cell culture. Spectrum pioneered the development of dialysis membranes and accessories, disposable hollow fiber filtration modules and systems. Spectrum products are used for the filtration, isolation, purification and concentration of pharmaceuticals, diagnostics, vaccines, nanoparticles, and hundreds of other applications.

Spectrum is focused on the Biotechnology and Biopharmaceutical industries, which requires us to be fully ISO compliant and regulated by rigorous customer Quality Assurance standards and audited by the FDA.

Over the years several companies have approached us to develop a drinking water filter. Although the quantities forecast were extremely high, this type of commodity product was not in line with our business strategy. So, we turned these requests away time and time again. The chemistries and molecular weight cutoffs of our membranes are tightly controlled and tested and all of our filter modules are 100% integrity tested before it leaves our facility. (Many of the current drinking water filter suppliers source their membranes overseas and then AQL test the build.)

A couple of years ago, we were contacted by FFCC to develop a drinking water filter. But this time the approach was much different. The idea was to partner and design a filter that could be manufactured on site in various impoverished areas of the world by the local community. This in turn would create jobs and just as importantly ensure accountable, quality focus.

The challenge for spectrum was to continue to provide the same exact high quality membrane separations but to source the housing and tooling components at a much reduced cost and practical availability. Our engineers became intrigued with the idea and worked closely with FFCC to develop such a filter unit.

This collaboration included FFCC’s experience with previous filter usage, practical user requirements, design, prototype testing, and risk analysis. Spectrum brought the membrane separations experience, design, manufacturability, prototyping units, and engineering manpower. Together these teams have developed a robust, relatively easy and very reproducible filter module that can be used within FFCC’s vision.

It truly has been an inspirational and motivational experience for SpectrumLabs.com to work with FFCC. Not only is this truly a unique life experience but also thrills us to know FFCC is behind the effort. Knowing that these filters will save lives and improve the quality of life for thousands is amazing but the people behind FFCC and the trust they invite is the reason we are here.

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